Joel Bohol

L. Joel Bohol Jr.

Known for graphic treatments, which can be attributed to his roots as an Art Director, Joel has established his career in creating motion graphics and design for commercials, television, and movies—doing it well enough to start PixelCamp, his own CG house. He eventually became a Visual Effects Director at PostManila Inc. Among his notable works include the creation of the main title sequence for the box-office hit movie, “Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles,” which, as some viewers have said, was as memorable as the movie itself.

“I love making use of negative space. It creates a beautiful balance that allows me to tell a visual story the best way that I can,” shares Joel. A graduate of UP Diliman, College of Fine Arts, Joel consistently churns out highly stylized works, where each frame is well thought out and designed, yielding visually cohesive imagery, with the right amount of edge.

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