Edber Mamisao

Edgy, eccentric, and experimental – this Filipino-Canadian director brings fuel and passion into every visual material he gets his hands on. Fresh from seven years of experience in Los Angeles, Edber has made the rounds in international productions as director. He has also been assistant director, producer, colorist, cinematographer, editor, and more for companies that include LiveNation Studios, ABC, and Disney. He is also one of the rare directors who have undergone the Directing Actors Program and Director-Actor Lab Program by the iconic Judith Weston in LA.

He now lends his enthusiasm and multitude of talents to SHOESTRING. His quirkiness and unconventional approach to visual storytelling makes him a shoo-in for high-spirited and avant-garde endeavors. Edber’s whirlwind style and feverish excitement definitely results in highly exciting visuals and intense outputs that can fly way out of the box.

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